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Frederick Behrends (ed.), Oxford Medieval Texts: The Letters and Poems of Fulbert of Chartres

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Critical ApparatusCritical Apparatus142De dietaa1

  • 1Prandia lauta modum turbant plerumque dietae.
  • 2Indulges stomacho, mentem male crapula uexat.
  • 3Si parcas epulis, sequitur detractio uel laus.
  • 4Vt medium teneas, labor est, et ualde canendum,
  • 5Ne tibi tristitiam pariat sicut suus est mos.
  • 6Si possis igitur prorsus haec prandia uita.
  • 7At si non liceat, hilaris cautusque recumbe, et
  • 8Liba cuncta parum tua quae tibi regula dictat,
  • 9Neb summam nimiam coniectentc multa minuta.


A Rule for Eating1

Lavish dinners usually play havoc with a well-ordered diet. If you give in to your stomach, over-indulgence clouds your mind. If you eat but little, it results in your being disparaged or praised. To keep in between is hard, and you must especially watch that it does not result in the depression that commonly follows. So if you can, avoid such meals altogether. But if you cannot, take your place cheerfully and be on your guard. Taste a little of everything that your way of life allows, but don't let a lot of nibbling add up to your eating too much.

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Critical Apparatus
a uel discrecione add. P     title om. LDR
Critical Apparatus
c coniectant L
Editor’s Note
1 The title in P and the apparent source for nos. 137 ff. suggest that this may be based on Cassian, Conlationes, ii. 16 ff. (ed. Petschenig, CSEL xiii. 59 ff.), though their contents are not altogether identical.
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