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M. R. James, C. N. L. Brooke, and R. A. B. Mynors (eds), Oxford Medieval Texts: Walter Map: De Nugis Curialium: Courtiers' Trifles

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xix. Quiddam mirabile

Circa tempus idem, clericus quidam a Sarracenis sagittabatur ut negaret. Quidam autem qui negauerat astans improperabat ei quod stulte crederet, et ad singulos ictus aiebat 'Estne bonum?' Ille nichil contra. Cumque uideret eius constanciam, uno sibi caput amputauit ictu, dicens 'Estne bonum?' Caput autem resectum tamen proprio ore loquens intulit 'Nunc bonum est.'

Hec et his similia primitiuis contigerunt Templaribus, dum Dei caritas et mundi uilitas inerat. Vt autem caritas uiluit et inualuit opulencia, prorsus alias audiuimus, quas et subiciemus, fabulas; at et prius eorum primia a paupertate motus audiantur.


19. A Wonder

About that same time a cleric was being shot with arrows by Saracens to make him deny his faith. One who had already abjured was present, and kept taunting him with his folly in believing, and at every shot kept saying, 'How do you like that?' To which the other made no answer. At last seeing him still constant, he smote off his head with a single blow, and the words, 'How do you like that?' The severed head, speaking with its own lips, at once replied, 'Now I like it very well.'

These and others like them were the experiences of the first Templars, when they held God dear and the world cheap. But as soon as that dearness grew cheap and wealth grew strong, we began to hear quite other stories, which we shall add as well. Yet let prior place be given to their beginnings, in the days of their early poverty.

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