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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 6: January 1798 to December 1801

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Editor’s Note1547To Étienne Dumont18 May 1800 (Aet 52)

Q.S.P. Sunday 18 May 1800

There is a great deal of good sense as well as interesting information, my dear Dumont, in the letters you favoured me with, and I think it would be of great use they should be published. I wish you could make the writer send them or give me leave to send them to Arthur Young2 for his Annals just as they are. Youngs general rule I believe is—not to insert papers relative to matters of fact without names to authenticate them: but if any reasons of prudence or delicacy should render Mr N.3 unwilling to give his a dispensation pg 297might perhaps be got or my name in some measure answer the purpose. I forbear discussions and dissertations. They present a dilemma for which no solution strikes me at the instant, and it may be some time before I apply myself again to this subject—Perhaps Mr N. has a solution ready, if so, I should wish much to see it. What he states seems a great evil: but a power any where to rate wages a still greater: an uniform rate would be a premium for idleness, and throw upon the parish entirely all those whose labour were to be thought not worth that rate.

Send me back by the Bearer I beseech you my Forgery papers: I want to take a Copy instanter, for a particular purpose—If you wish to have them again say so, and they shall be with you again in a few days. How long do you continue where you are? When return you to L. House?4—When go you into the country Give me timely notice of your motions that I may send you something else, and if I can muster up exertion and sociability enough, feed you.

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Editor’s Note
1547. 1 Dumont MSS 33/1, fo. 66. Autograph. No docket. Addressed: 'To / Mr Dumont / at / Mr Chauvets / Kensington Square.' Added in another hand: 'Holland House.'
Editor’s Note
2 The celebrated agriculturist (1741–1820), founder and editor of the Annals of Agriculture, 1784–1809.
Editor’s Note
3 Revd. John North. The only letter of North's published under his own name was 'State of the Poor in the Parish of Ashdon, Essex. By the Rev. J. North, Rector. In a Series of Letters to a Friend in London. May, 1800', in Annals of Agriculture, xxxv (1800), 459–73.
Editor’s Note
4 Lansdowne House.
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