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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 6: January 1798 to December 1801

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pg 366Editor’s Note1605To Edmund Estcourt17 November 1800 (Aet 52)

Queens Square Place Westmr 17 Novr 1800


I write this to request you would have the goodness to favour me with the rental of the Estate late the Marquis of Salisbury's at Milbank Westmr. convey'd to me in October twelvemonth as feoffee.

What makes the need I have of it particularly pressing, is the immediate necessity I am under of giving a statement of it to the Commissioners of the Income Tax: and another circumstance is that Mr Unthank whose rents exceed (I believe) all the others put together, is so dangerously ill just now as to be altogether inaccessible.

According to the Report made by the Surveyor General to the Treasury (23 Apr. 1799) the 'rents' then 'paid to Ld Salisbury' (these are the words) were per annum £247 : 12s: This seems to mean exclusive of Land tax as well as all other outgoings: but to judge from such documents and statements as have as yet come into my hands, the real amount must fall considerably short of that amount, even supposing Land-tax to be included in it and to be deducted from it.

I Leasehold Tenants

Gross Rent as per Lease

Deduction for Land Tax

Neat Rent

£ s. d.

£ s. d.

£ s. d.

1. Mr Unthank's Garden Ground as per Counterpart of Lease to do

49: 0: 0


49: 0 :0

2. Mr Foley's piece of ground for buildg since built upon by Mr Hodges and forming part of his Distillery—as per Counterpart of Lease to Mr Foley

2: 2: 0


2: 2: 0

pg 367

3. Mr Foleys Houses etc. Counterpart of Lease not to be found among Ld Salisbury's Title Deeds (per Mr Estcourt) Sight of Lease applied for in vain by Mr Bentham through Mr Norris of Lincolns Inn Mr Foley's Agent—but according to the Statement of the Under-Lessees viz: Mrs Fortey, and her Trustee the said Mr Hodges.

40: 0: 0


40: 0: 0

N.B. On account of these two last sums making together £42 : 2 : 0 payment has already been spontaneously made of £36 : 17 : 0 and the remainder



accounted for—

91: 2 :0

91: 2 :0

4. Mr Donne's Nursery Ground and Houses etc as per Counterpart of Lease to Mr Elton

 62: 10: 0

Not ascertained

153: 12: 0

II Tenements held at Will

5. Mr Unthank's Meadows—neat rent as paid by him spontaneously for which he had a receipt on account for £120 including the £49 for the Leasehold ho.





N.B. In conversation with Mr Bentham's Clerk on that occasion he reported between £4 and £5 as deducted on the score of Land Tax—

The last rents received by you were the rents (year's rents I believe) that became due on Michaelmas 29 Sept. 1799. On that occasion, or some preceding one the respective amounts of the moneys received, and deductions allowed on the score of Land Tax or otherwise were I suppose liquidated and entered on your Books. A simple transcript from that part of your Books might I should hope clear up every difficulty, without your being put to any further trouble. But should it happen that the total as in your Books should not come up to the total as reported by the Surveyor General (as above) of course I can not but be anxious to be favoured with your sentiments on pg 368the subject of such differences. I should have supposed it had been from you he had taken his notion of the amount.

  • I am, Sir,
  •   Your most obedient Servant
  • Jeremy Bentham

Edmund Estcourt Esqr

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Editor’s Note
1605. 1 BL VII. 431–2. Autograph draft. Docketed: '1800 Novr 17 / Ld Salisbury's. Panopt. / J.B. Q.S.P. / to / Estcourt Lincolns Inn.' Several of the figures are written in pencil.
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