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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 6: January 1798 to December 1801

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Editor’s Note1618To Étienne Dumont13–14 March 1801 (Aet 53)

Q.S.P. 13 Mar 1801

My dear Dumont

Mr North's paper is by much too valuable to be lost, and must go through the Annals to the press,2 though the Author were to have his house set on fire, or be hamstrung for it. But the contradictoriness of his wishes and the unreasonableness of his expectations—not forgetting your own—have thrown me into a rage. To think that a third person should undertake the task of modifying and altering his letter in such manner as to save him from apprehensions grounded on facts known only to himself!

But after his first letter is it possible he can have any thing more pg 382to fear from this second?—Classes—not persons are all he speaks of.

If it would satisfy him that his name, should, on the occasion of this second letter, be concealed, I suppose I could manage that matter with Mr Young. But where is the use of th⟨at⟩ when the second makes con⟨tinua⟩l reference to the first which bears his name?

Jeremy Bentham3

Since writing the above, I have made the few alterations in pencil that seemed necessary to gratify the author's wishes as far as they could be gratified.

14 Mar

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Editor’s Note
1618. 1 Dumont MSS, 33/1, fos. 75–6. Autograph. No docket. Addressed: 'To / Mr Dumont, / Lansdown House.'
Editor’s Note
2 John North's second letter, 'On the Wages of Labourers in Husbandry. Extract of a Letter from a Country Gentleman', was published anonymously in the Annals of Agriculture, xxxvii (1801), no. 210, pp. 97–111.
Editor’s Note
3 The remainder is in pencil.
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