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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 6: January 1798 to December 1801

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Editor’s Note1345To Étienne Dumont28 or 29 June 1798 (Aet 50)

28 or 29 June 1798. Hendon.


Mr dear Dumont

About ¾ of my Commentary on the Declaration of Rights2 which you have the goodness to enquire after lies on the table in the room I occupy at Q.S.P. inclosed in an outside sheet conspicuously intituled: the remainder lies scattered about in one of the rooms I occupied in my own House, forming part of a chaos which was the result of a removal made without my knowledge. I am to be in town one day next week for a day or two, and if I can then muster up exertion enough, I will do my endeavours to rummage out the remainder, and send you. In the mean time if you have curiosity enough to look at the complection of so much of it as is visible, you know where to find it.

pg 50I have been labouring not altogether without fruit, and my Panopticon business wears at present a complection rather favourable—

  • Yours ever
  • Jeremy Bentham.

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Editor’s Note
1345. 1 Dumont MSS, Bibliothèque Publique et Universitaire, Geneva, 33/I, fos. 63–4. Autograph. No docket. Addressed: 'To / Mr Dumont / at Mr Chauvets / Kensington Square.' Readdressed: 'at Revd. John North's / Ashdon / near Walden / Essex.' Postmarks: 'Penny P(ost) / Pdld / Kensington', '7 o'Clock / ⟨…⟩ JU / NIGHT' , '⟨…⟩ o'Clock Night / 30 JU' and 'JU / 30 / ⟨…⟩'. Written on cover: 'Unpd'.
Editor’s Note
2 Bentham's writings on the French 'Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen' of 1791 are at UC cxlvi. 61–232.
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