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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 6: January 1798 to December 1801

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pg 93Editor’s Note1379From Samuel Smith7 October 1798

Dry Drayton Cambridge Octr 7th 1798

Dear Sir

Your letter was brought to me by one of my Sons2 who came from Westr yesterday. I had been informed by a Gentleman who called upon me in his way to Norfolk, that he had seen an advertisement concerning Tothill fields in some of the Publick papers; but the Bishop of Rochester hath not communicated to me or to any of the Chapter of Westr to my knowledge one syllable on the subject. I suppose him at present to be at some village on the sea coast for the sake of Mrs Horsley's3 health, but that he will attend at the Meeting of Parliament. I hope to return to Dean's Yard in the last week of this month, and then I perhaps may learn what clauses in the Bill may particularly concern the Dean and Cr, and whether any proposed amendments have been considered on their part.

  • I am Dear Sir,
  •   Your faithful humble Servt
  • S Smith

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Editor’s Note
1379. 1 BL VI. 654–5. Autograph. Docketed: '1798 Oct 8 / Panopt / and / Tothill Fields / Dr Smith Cambridge / to / J.B. Hendon.' Addressed: 'Jeremy BenthamEsq. / Queen's Square Place / Westminster.' Readdressed: 'Dollas Farm / Hendon / London / Middlesex.' Postmarks: 'OC / 9 / 98', 'Brd Way Westr / Unpaid / Penny Post', '2 o'Clock / 10 OC / 98 Af. Noon' and '4 o'Clock / OC 10 / 98 EVEN'. Stamped: 'CAMBRIDGE'.
For Samuel Smith, see letter 1368 n. 6. The family living was at Dry Drayton, Cambridge.
Editor’s Note
2 Smith had five adult sons.
Editor’s Note
3 Sarah (17527–1805) was Horsley's second wife and had been in the service of his first wife, who died in 1777.
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