Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 7: January 1802 to December 1808

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Editor’s Note2016From Joseph de Mendoza y Rios19 November 1808

Montagu square

Nov. 19, 1808

My dear Sir

I have been in town a few days, and every one of them wishing and intending to do myself the pleasure of calling upon you. My occupations have, however, prevented me, and I return this day to Brighton, without my having been able to accomplish it. But ce qui est deferé n'est pas perdu, and I intend to set a day apart for that purpose the first time I come again to town. It must be a day because I shall do myself the pleasure of dining with you, and I assure you I should willingly subscribe to harder conditions to procure me the gratification of conversing with you.

I remain always with sincere respect,

  • My dear Sir
  •     Yours truly,
  • Jos. de Mendoza Rios

My sincere compliments to

Mr. Koe

J. Bentham Esqr

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Editor’s Note
2016. 1 BL VIII. 392–3. Autograph. Docketed: '1808 Nov 19 / Mendoza Montague / Square No 6 / to / J.B. Q.S.P.' Addressed: 'J. Bentham Esqr. / Queen square place / Westminster.' Postmark: '12 o'Clock / 19 NO / 1808 Nn.'
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