Jeremy Bentham

Stephen Conway (ed.), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 8: January 1809 to December 1816

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Editor’s Note2311To John McCreery25 March 1815 (Aet 67)


Q.S.P. 25 March 1315

Chrestomathic Table

To the Printer

When the Title comes to be printed, let the N.B. and all that follows it be in a considerably smaller type, to distinguish it the better from the matter which alone properly belongs to the Title. Ifpg 454 in Italics, this effect would, I suppose, be the more perfectly produced.2

I am sorry not to see any spacing to the titles of the several sets of Principles,3 as directed in the Proof


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Editor’s Note
2311. 1 UC clxv. 7. Autograph copy. Docketed; '1815 Mar 25 / A. / Chrestomathic / J.B. to Printer.'
Editor’s Note
2 Bentham was apparently referring here to the first of the 'Chrestomathie Instruction Tables' that were to appear in the 1815 edition of the first part of Chrestomathia.
Editor’s Note
3 The second table contains the exercises to be performed in the school, and the principles upon which the teaching and management were to be based.
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