Jeremy Bentham

Stephen Conway (ed.), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 10: July 1820 to January 1821

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Editor’s Note2753To John Cartwright18 February 1821 (Aet 73)

Queen's Square Place, Westminster. 18th February, 1821.

My dear friend,

Your letter of this day's date, replete with kindness as it is, in proposals as well as sentiments, cannot from me receive any other requital than that of a confession, in form, of my utter, and completely pg 289self-conscious incompetence. If, for the 'out-door Guardianship of the Constitution,' 'seven' be the desirable number of your 'wise men,' I had, at our last conference, the honour to bring to your view the mode of numeration, by which, according to my arithmetic, it may be made up.

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Editor’s Note
2753. 1 Bowring, x. 523. A reply to letter 2752.
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