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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 10: July 1820 to January 1821

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note2664To Francis Place11 July 1820 (Aet 72)

Q.S.P. 11 July 1820

J.B. to F.P

I was with Mr Ricardo this morning. He expressed himself completely satisfied with every thing I had done in the Agreement:2 and in conclusion, at parting said he hoped, on his return to London from Brighton, some day in August, he should see the building in some forwardness.

He however took notice, as I expected he would, of two particulars pg 20in the Draught, 1. One was—the pencil line I had drawn through the word Successors after the word Managers. I answered—this was in consequence of a difficulty which I understood you had discovered—namely an omission in the Paper of Proposals—but for which you had in view a remedy:—that to me it made no difference one way or other: and that I would do whatever depended upon me for the removal of the difficulty. If they chose the words 'and their successors' should stand, well and good: they had but to rub out the pencil line. If they chose to strike them out, I would, as soon the clause authorizing the appointment of Successors was entered upon their minutes, sign my assent by the initial letters of my name, or in any other way they chose—to an insertion in the Agreement to that effect. And this may be declared, as from me, by any body that pleases.

2. The other particular was—the existence of some unfilled-up blanks for figures expressive of the measurement. Being aware of this you will, I suppose, have provided the form of a Minute for that purpose: namely for authorizing the filling of them up. If I do not misrecollect, authorizing the Surveyor was an expedient suggested by Mr. R., soon after the starting of this difficulty. Surveyor or Secretary or both together—no matter who has the power, so that somebody has it. You know very well, so as it pleases Your High Mightiness to decree so, on this head as on so many others, it must be. It would be a sad thing if, by straining at such gnats, the signature were delayed to another meeting, which if Mr R. be to be present could not be held, till the Lord knows when in August, nor perhaps till Novr.

I return herewith 1. The fair draught of the Agreemt. 2. the rough Draft of do. 3. Proposal-paper signed by me and to be signed by the Lessee. 4. Mr Ricardos Amendments in his own hand being those which I have copied into the fair Draft.

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Editor’s Note
2664. 1 Place Collection, set 60. Autograph.
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