William Stratton

E. S. de Beer (ed.), The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke: The Correspondence of John Locke: In Eight Volumes, Vol. 2: Letters Nos. 462–848

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641. William Stratton to Locke, 14 June 1681 (630, 654)

B.L., MS. Locke c. 19, ff. 13–14.

Dear Cosin

I Rec your letter dated from Thannet house and have hear inclosed given you an account of what I Rec and disburst there is in my hands 50l-2s-11d If I mistake not I hear nothing of Mr Stringer which if I had I should have paid according to your order, the widdow Shatter would Chaing the states1 that are in floryes hous but I am informed that John flory dyed at Bristoll and that his brother is ded at london hoe is a castor maker which I Conceive it will bee best to make sum inquiry and to inform your selfe that soe you may know what prise to propose to full state it for the widdow pretends that shee doeth not know but that the states are liveing but I am this day informed that they are both ded therfore I desire you will let me know as sone as Conveniently you Can what you will sell 3 states at the lowest and the Continuanc pg 409of the ould lords rent1 I thinke I have noe account what her lords rent is whoe will redyly pay it If I know what to demand, I axidentally fell into discors with Benjamin Smith about ading a third state whoe will I perseive give 12l had you accepted the 12l he ofered it had bean Clear gain for his wife is ded and he is Married to another young wife if you will accept 12l he will try his wifes freinds to help him to mony, I this day received 11l of Robert horrall and before 10l: 10s: he hath paid taxes and Could not give me a Just account soe he hath 30s in his hands till we meat to eaven the account he tels me that what gates and stiles are out of order for time to Cum he will Charg it to your account and would have me to acquaint you with it this is like to be the worst year for him that he hath had I thinke the ouldest man In our Countery did never see the like2 I am Informed that there is not 3 hundred of hay in the tinings3 that Barns doeth rent he is behind of ladydayes rent 21s he promiseth to pay at midsomer: and soe hath the Widdow Anthony promised to pay the other 5l at the same time James Atkins is behind but suppose shall have his rent next time that I goe to pensford as for the mony that is in my hands If I hear nothing from Mr Stringer there is one Eevans a lether dreser in london that Cums to bristoll Constantly at bristoll faire4 if he will pay you the mony in London I will pay him a bill at 2 dayes sight if you draw him apon me, My Father Locke and Mother desires to be remembrad to you with my Wifes servis presented whoe lookes very bigg apon me and is wery of her great burthen If god saw it good to ease her of it, I take and Remain

  • your faithfull freind and servant
  • William Stratton

Sutton the 14th Jun 81

[On the facing page there is a statement of Stratton's receipts and disbursements on Locke's behalf, 31 March 1680–14 June 1681. The receipts come mainly from rents, and amount to £66 2s. 5d.; the disbursements to £15 19s. 6d.]

Address: For Mr John Locke to be left at Thanet House in Aldergate Streate in London

Postmark: iv 20

Endorsed by Locke: Wm Stratton 14 Jun.81

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Editor’s Note
1 In this and some later letters Stratton's language is loose; he assimilates states and lives. The following definitions should make his meaning clear: State, noun: 'The interest which any one has in a property; right or title to a property': O.E.D., s.v. State, sb. 34. State, verb: 'To confer or settle (a possession, right, etc.) upon, vest in a person, etc.': ibid., State, v. 4 b. Life: 'A lease … for (two, three, etc.) lives: one which is to remain in force during the life of the longest liver of (two, three, etc.) specified persons. Hence occasionally the persons on whose length of life the duration of a lease depends are called the lives': ibid., Life, sb. 8 b.
Editor’s Note
1 Presumably a quit-rent due to the ford of the manor. A quit-rent is 'a rent, usually of small amount, paid by a freeholder or copyholder in lieu of services which might be required of him': O.E.D.
Editor’s Note
2 So p. 405; Evelyn, Diary, 12, 19 June.
Editor’s Note
3 Properly hedges or fences; here the areas enclosed by them.
Editor’s Note
4 There were fairs on St. Paul's and St. James's days, 25 January and 25 July.
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