John Freke

E. S. de Beer (ed.), The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke: The Correspondence of John Locke: In Eight Volumes, Vol. 5: Letters Nos. 1702–2198

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pg 3671899. John Freke and Edward Clarke to Locke, 9 May 1695 (1893, 1900)

B.L., MS. Locke c. 8, ff. 195–6. Written by Freke, apart from Clarke's initials and the address. Answers no. 1893.

From my fireside May the 9th 1695


You have not all the winter with you at Oates we have a large share of it here too though we are not soe well supplyd with fuell for Coals are 5li a chaldron soe that there was noe great need of laying 5s a chaldron duty on them to the King1

Mr Churchill is gone into the Country soe that I know not how to get the Catalogue of Millers pamphlet