John Locke

E. S. de Beer (ed.), The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke: The Correspondence of John Locke: In Eight Volumes, Vol. 6: Letters Nos. 2199–2664

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2390 Locke to Cornelius Lyde, 5 February 1698 (2382, 2449)

The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York. Transcribed from Xerox print. Answers no. 2382.

Oates 5 Feb 9⅞


I drew the account you did me the favour to send me into the method I sent it you in, not that I made any doubt of any thing pg 315in your account but as a forme to be used between us hereafter if you liked it as being the clearest and that which best discovers any mistakes if any should happen as I perceive thera did that of the 4s difference, which I shall rectifie when I understand whether you mean that he receivd 8s of you or you 8s of him: For you say the mistake is in the Receit of the Lords Baylie which was 8s and the charge but 4s in the account. But since you say you have not been much acquainted with that method of account and perhaps it may be too troublesome to you I have on the backside of this letter sent you a draught of a much simpler method which is only to set downe your receits and disbursments for me just in the order of time as each of them happens with the date prefixed to each of them. This writ only in two columns without any more adoe will serve the turne and is the shortest and plainest method can be used. Pardon me that I give you this trouble about soe slight a matter But it is to shorten your pains for the future.

As to Hanny I leave you to your discretion to deale with him as you thinke most convenient. I would not deale hardly with any body But if I lose my money by neglect I deale hardly by my self and that noe body ought to expect of me

Your Son when he comes to England, next to your self will not be welcomer to any body than to me and I shall be glad if it may Lye any way in my power to doe him any service or you or any of your family. I am

  • Sir
  • Your very much obleiged and humble servant
  • J Locke

Pray give my humble service to Mrs Strachy and her son and daughter1 and to my Cosin Lyde2 their neighbour when you see them.

I crave leave to minde you here again of what I said concerning Pope in the close of my last letter Because I finde not any mention of it in your answer and soe fear you may possibly have forgotten it.

Address: For Cornelius Lyde Esquire at Stanton weeke To be left with Mr Codrington at his house in Highstreet Bristoll

Postmarks: fe 8; gc

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Apr 3

Of Nath:Sumers


Aug 3

To Edw: Clarke Esquire




May 16

Of John Veale in money

In bills as followeth




Sept 14

For bread for the poor of Pensford


Paid Mar 28 for a quarters tax for the King ending 25 Mar


169⅞ Jan 8

To Mr Rich: Codrington of Bristol for his bill on John Richards of London, payable & sent to you


By 10 pays to the poor paid Apr 2


For a Mason and Tender one day Apr 16


Paid to the Trainers May 9