Frans [Francis] van Limborch

E. S. de Beer (ed.), The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke: The Correspondence of John Locke: In Eight Volumes, Vol. 8: Letters Nos. 3287–3648

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3486 Francis Limborch to Locke, 9 March 1704 (3453, 3496)

B.L., MS. Locke c. 13, f. 231.

London 9 March 170 3 4

Honoured Sir

In conformity to your desire by your most acceptable favour off the 3 I heere inclosed send you an account so as itts booked by my and j shall take care att the due time to discharge one hundred pounds on that bond as you order, owning my self in the mean time infinitely oblidged to you for the Use off itt so long; I doe nott doubt butt the Cacaonuts I last delivred to your order when made up will please you. the jnclosed I received last tuesday from Mr Furly1 he ⟨or⟩dersa me to send his papers back by a good secure oppor⟨t⟩unity,a so j intend to deliver m to morrow to a shipmaster that goes a Munday with the fleet; My parents I humbly thank you and we heere are all well and heartily wish you might enjoy your health as well as any off us. Pray Sir give our humble respects to My Lady j wrote for the Cabits2 seeds from Holland and expect m with the first opportunity I must conclude these att present with the most sincere respects off

  • Honoured Sir
  • Your most oblidged humble servant
  • Fran Limborch

Address: For John Locke Esquire [at Oates, by Joslyn, Bishops Stortford]

Endorsed by Locke: F: Limborch 9 Mar 0 3 4 Answered 13

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Editor’s Note
1 7 March; no. 3478.
Critical Apparatus
a Page torn.
Critical Apparatus
a Page torn.
Editor’s Note
2 Limborch's rendering of cabbage.
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