Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Cecil Price (ed.), The Letters of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Vol. 3

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845. To Charles Ward

Pub.: Maggs Catalogue 445 (1923), item 2874.

[1814 ?]

Saville Row

What I particularly resent in Mr. Heath's conduct is his causing a letter2 to be written to Mr. Bouverie after I had written to Mr. Heath before the St. Cecilia3 was put in the Exhibition authorising him to consider his lien on that Picture to continue the same as before, and so to this hour it remains—therefore his application to Mr. Bouverie could only proceed from an unworthy determination personally to insult me. I authorise you to pay Mr. Heath £100 in money on my account tomorrow… .

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Editor’s Note
2 R. H. Evans's Catalogue, 10 Mar. 1841, lot 1538, lists a letter 'of Heath to Sheridan threatening to sell Mrs. S.'s portrait', but gives no text. The Post Office Annual Directory for 1814, p. 152, lists Heath and Hawkins as brokers of 12 Water Lane, Tower Street.
Editor’s Note
3 Reynolds's portrait of the first Mrs. S. was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1775, and at the British Institution in 1813. See A. Graves and W. V. Cronin, History of the Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds (1899–1901), iii. 887–90.
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