Frances [Fanny] Burney [D'Arblay]

The Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney (Madame d'Arblay), Vol. 11: Mayfair 1818–1824: Letters 1180–1354

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120311 Bolton Street,[26 March 1819]To Alexander d'Arblay

A.L. (rejected Diary MSS. 7174–[5], Berg), [misdated] 27 Mar. 1819 Single sheet 4to 2 pp. pmk .819 black seal

Addressed: Rev. Alex. d'Arblay, / Christ College, / Cambridge.

Edited by CFBt. See Textual Notes.

I do certainly think that of all persons existing He who has got the easiest Conscience is a young fellow of a College!

So you really think such a miserable scrawl as you bestowed 3 minutes upon in return to my

pg 90Speaking Answer

to a promised Letter that was to tell me, with Brotherly con-fidence—

  •          The state of your Debts—
  •          your expectations for their discharge,
  •          Mr. Eb[den]'s plans for excursion1
  •          How you recovered your Morning Hours,
  •          How you work for
  • (what is impossible)
  • The prize—

How you do not work for (what is essential)

the Priest's orders2


What answer you wish to give

(having Carte blanche)

to Mr. Le Noir's intentions & agency3

relative to the melancholy Vente at Paris—

My Speaking Answer to All this promised communication—told You—I had not one item

to answer! — —

1203 11 Bolton Street, [26 March 1819] To Alexander d'Arblay

pg 91Nor yet one enquiry relative to myself—! to the Ambassa-dour!—Whether or not at last he comes—! Made de Maison-neuve—! Maxime—! &c &c &c |


Oh Shabbiest of the shabby! —

as I can perhaps give you necessary information, I will not hold back my — — so little invited pen—

I copy therefore this Paragraph from a small Book, to dis-perse the darkness before your Eyes of when is Palm Sunday: 'Palm Sunday is the next before Easter, so called in memory of our Saviour's triumphal entry into Jerusalem, when the multitude strewed Palm Branches in his way.'


If you do not hear from Mr. Hodgson4

you must write to him for a remembrancer—

as it is Your own business, not his, that will occasion the Correspondence—and as it is you—as has been shrewdly re-marked to you by the BP5—who is to be ordained—not him!

These hints I would not withhold—To-morrow week

it seemeth to me—

being Palm Sunday,

i.e. the day week you receive This remembrancer.

Your uncle James says he is very glad you are to be or-dained by Dr. Sparkes6—as he has heard—from some of his worthies who know him, that he is a sharp examiner '& there-fore', adds the partial uncle—'Alex may gain credit.' |

I sent your Keys by the Coach—Ramsay7 ran after you quite to the office—& Mr. Green8 then took them to the Book Keeper—I hear your kind thanks—

Saturday, 27. March 1819

NB. I have mistaken the date, this is Friday.

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Editor’s Note
2 Alexander d'Arblay was to be ordained priest (along with 52 other candidates) on Easter Sunday 11 April at St. James's Church, Piccadilly, by the Bishop of Chester (L. 1185 n. 2). Assisting him was FBA's former friend tne Revd. Gerrard Andrewes (v. 16, 201), Rector of Mickleham (1800–13), of St. James's (1802–25), and Vicar of Great Bookham, Surrey (1820).
FBA witnessed the ceremony from the Gallery and marked the event with a prayer (Diary): 'I fervently pray to God that my Son may meet this his decided Calling with a disposition & Conduct to Sanction its choice!—' That she described the ceremony in a letter, now unavailable, to Amelia Angerstein, is shown by the reply of the latter (Barrett, Eg. 3698, ff. 82–3b), dated Saturday 24 [April 1818]:
'I myself carried my Mrs d'Arblay's dear letter to Elliott Vale, … & shared with my precious, bright, serene, mother in her own little fragrant abode the almost overcoming pleasure of thinking of the dear tender mother in St James's Church last Sunday attending a Ceremony so interesting & so replete with every bright & consoling hope & every feeling most gratifying to maternal pride as that which makes her Alex a member of our Church—We lifted up our prayers together for him as we saw in idea the excellent Dean laying his hands in blessing upon his young head….'
Editor’s Note
3 For a list of effects the d'Arblays had left in Paris, 'Pictures, Engravings, Drawings', 'les Mineraux', furniture, and objets d'art, of which, apparently, M. Lenoir (L. 1189 n. 5) was to arrange a sale, see FBA's Account Book for 1822 (Berg).
Editor’s Note
4 Christopher Hodgson (L. 1180 n. 9), secretary at this time to the Bishop of London.
Editor’s Note
5 Possibly FBA's friend Dr. Fisher (L. 1180 nn. 3, 4), Bishop of Salisbury (1807), and an experienced tutor of young persons, including formerly the Duke of Kent and the Princess Charlotte of Wales (see DNB).
Editor’s Note
6 Bowyer Edward Sparke (1759–1836), D.D. (1803), was translated from the Bishopric of Chester (1809) to that of Ely (1812) and was not therefore the Bishop of Chester who ordained AA (see n. 2).
Editor’s Note
7 Elizabeth Ramsay (L. 1182 n. 3).
Editor’s Note
8 Unidentified.
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