A. W. N. Pugin

The Collected Letters of A. W. N. Pugin, Vol. 5: 1851–1852

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pg 590To JOHN GREGORY CRACERamsgate, Monday, 9 February 1852?

Text: MS RIBA PUG. 8/701   Address: none   Postmark: none

✠ Monday

My dear Sir

we shall be able to send you everything up to night for both houses.2 it has made me worse. very poorly but I think I shall succeed. pray another time give us more time.

  • yours truly          
  • ✠AWelby Pugin

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Editor’s Note
1 The MS is endorsed '1851' but the content and the shaky handwriting suggest the following year.
Editor’s Note
2 The 'houses' are Abney Hall and, it seems, Leighton Hall, Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, built from 1850 to 1856 for John Naylor (1813–89), who after his education at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge, became a partner in the banking firm of Leyland and Buller in Liverpool.
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