Ernest Hartley Coleridge (ed.), The Complete Poetical Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Including Poems and Versions of Poems now Published for the First Time, Vol. 1: Poems

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  • 1A sworded man whose trade is blood,
  • 2  In grief, in anger, and in fear,
  • 3Thro' jungle, swamp, and torrent flood,
  • 4  I seek the wealth you hold so dear!
  • pg 3985The dazzling charm of outward form,
  • 6  The power of gold, the pride of birth,
  • 7Have taken Woman's heart by storm—
  • 8  Usurp'd the place of inward worth.
  • 9Is not true Love of higher price
  • 10  Than outward Form, though fair to see,
  • 11Wealth's glittering fairy-dome of ice,
  • 12  Or echo of proud ancestry?—
  • 13O! Asra, Asra! couldst thou see
  • 14  Into the bottom of my heart,
  • 15There's such a mine of Love for thee,
  • 16  As almost might supply desert!
  • 17(This separation is, alas!
  • 18  Too great a punishment to bear;
  • 19O! take my life, or let me pass
  • 20  That life, that happy life, with her!)
  • pg 39921The perils, erst with steadfast eye
  • 22  Encounter'd, now I shrink to see—
  • 23Oh! I have heart enough to die-
  • 24  Not half enough to part from Thee!

? 1805.

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Editor’s Note
1 First published in 1834. In Pickering's one volume edition of the issue of 1848 the following note is printed on p. 372:—
'The fourth and last stanzas are adapted from the twelfth and last of Cotton's Chlorinda [Ode]:—
  • 'O my Chlorinda! could'st thou see
  • Into the bottom of my heart,
  • There's such a Mine of Love for thee,
  • The Treasure would supply desert.
  • Meanwhile my Exit now draws nigh,
  • When, sweet Chlorinda, thou shalt see
  • That I have heart enough to die,
  • Not half enough to part with thee.
'The fifth stanza is the eleventh of Cotton's poem.'
In 1852 (p. 385) the note reads: 'The fourth and last stanzas are from Cotton's Chlorinda, with very slight alteration.'
A first draft of this adaptation is contained in one of Coleridge's Malta Notebooks: —
  • [I]
  • Made worthy by excess of Love
  • A wretch thro' power of Happiness,
  • And poor from wealth I dare not use.
  • [II]
  • This separation etc.
  • [III]
  • The Pomp of Wealth
  • Stores of gold, the pomp of Wealth
  • Nor less the Pride of Noble Birth
  • The dazzling charm etc.
  • (1. 4), Supplied the place etc.
  • [IV]
  • Is not true Love etc.
  • [v]
  • O ΑΣΡΑ‎! ΑΣΡΑ‎ could'st thou see
  • Into the bottom of my Heart!
  • There's such a Mine of Love for Thee—
  • The Treasure would supply desert.
  • [VI]
  • Death erst contemn'd—O ΑΣΡΑ‎! why
  • Now terror-stricken do I see—
  • Oh! I have etc.
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