Ernest Hartley Coleridge (ed.), The Complete Poetical Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Including Poems and Versions of Poems now Published for the First Time, Vol. 1: Poems

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  • 1Let those whose low delights to Earth are given
  • 2Chaunt forth their earthly Loves! but we
  • 3Must make an holier minstrelsy,
  • 4And, heavenly-born, will sing the Things of Heaven.
  • pg 428charity
  • 5But who for us the listening Heart shall gain?
  • 6Inaudible as of the sphere
  • 7Our music dies upon the ear,
  • 8Enchanted with the mortal Syren's strain.
  • hope
  • 9Yet let our choral songs abound!
  • 10Th' inspiring Power, its living Source,
  • 11May flow with them and give them force,
  • 12If, elsewhere all unheard, in Heaven they sound.
  • all
  • 13Aid thou our voice, Great Spirit! thou whose flame
  • 14Kindled the Songster sweet of Israel,
  • 15Who made so high to swell
  • 16Beyond a mortal strain thy glorious Name.
  • charity and faith
  • 17Though rapt to Heaven, our mission and our care
  • 18Is still to sojourn on the Earth,
  • 19To shape, to soothe, Man's second Birth,
  • 20And re-ascend to Heaven, Heaven's prodigal Heir!
  • charity
  • 21What is Man's soul of Love deprived?
  • hope. faith
  • 22It like a Harp untunéd is,
  • 23That sounds, indeed, but sounds amiss.
  • charity. hope
  • 24From holy Love all good gifts are derived.
  • faith
  • 25But 'tis time that every nation
  • 26Should hear how loftily we sing.
  • faith. hope. charity
  • 27See, O World, see thy salvation!
  • 28Let the Heavens with praises ring.
  • 29Who would have a Throne above,
  • 30Let him hope, believe and love;
  • 31And whoso loves no earthly song,
  • 32But does for heavenly music long,
  • 33Faith, Hope, and Charity for him,
  • 34Shall sing like wingéd Cherubim.


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Editor’s Note
2 From a hitherto unpublished MS. For the original Dialogo: Fide, Speranza, Fide, included in the 'Madrigali … ' del Signor Cavalier Battista Quarini, 1663, vide Appendices of this edition. The translation in Coleridge's handwriting is preceded by another version transcribed and, possibly, composed by Hartley Coleridge.
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