Amelia Alderson Opie

Shelley King and John B. Pierce (eds), The Collected Poems of Amelia Alderson Opie

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pg 332 Editor’s Note265LINES, WRITTEN ON THE SEA SHORE

  • 1Above, lo! cloud to cloud succeeds,
  • 2Below, the waves in surges roll,
  • 3Bounding and white, as Grecian steeds,
  • 4That bore their monarch to the goal.
  • 5Now his swift wings the sea bird lowers,
  • 6For well he reads the angry skies,
  • 7And ere the storm its fury pours,
  • 8For shelter to the rock he flies.
  • 9Bird of the wave! when dangers threat,
  • 10When life looks dark and conflicts roar,
  • 11Should deep remorse and vain regret
  • 12Rouse in my heart desponding fear;
  • 13May I for shelter seek, like thee,—
  • 14Shelter, which can all fears remove,
  • 15And to my rock of refuge flee;
  • 16A dying Saviour's pardoning love!

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Editor’s Note
265. Copy text: B 220
Editor’s Note
265. Print version: B 220. Dated November 1828.
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