A. W. N. Pugin

Margaret Belcher (ed.), The Collected Letters of A. W. N. Pugin, Vol. 2: 1843–1845

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To JOHN ROUSE BLOXAMEn route, Monday, 22 September 18451

Text: MS MCO 528/342   Address: none   Postmark: none

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  • ✠ Midland Counties Railway
  • Monday.

Rev & Dear Mr Bloxam

I expect to go down by the great western in the course of 2 weeks & if you are likely to be at oxford about that time I would come over to have the pleasure of a few hours conversation with you.3 it seems an age since we met. I am as usual full of business & thank God in far better heatlh than I have enjoyed for some time. I am just starting my church at Ramsgate which I trust by the blessing of God to compleat in a few years.4 it is small but very solid & will be well finished with altars windows &c. I propose a one aile building with centre tower Lady chapel south of chancel & a chantry for myself in the South transept with a small set of cloisters on the north side. [Sketch: plan inscribed 'cloister', 'cloister' and 'chantry & tomb'. Fig. 13] if I live to accomplish this I shall be indeed grateful for it will be most solemn & devotional & a great consolation to me. I forbear coments on the extraordinary passing events till I have the pleasure of seeing you. pray send me a line Directed to Alton Towers—& believe me with great respect

  • your devoted & faitful sert
  • ✠ A Welby Pugin5            

Figure 13 A plan of St Augustine's church, sent to J. R. Bloxam on 22 September 1845

Figure 13 A plan of St Augustine's church, sent to J. R. Bloxam on 22 September 1845

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Editor’s Note
1 The MS is inscribed by Bloxam 'Sept. 22d. l845' below Pugin's date.
Editor’s Note
2 The letter is written in pencil.
Editor’s Note
3 Pugin first wrote 'Rev & Dear Sir', then superimposed the less distant personal name over 'Sir'. No visit to Oxford is recorded in Pugin's diary during the rest of 1845.
Editor’s Note
4 Pugin records 'Set out the ground for Church at Ramsgate' in his diary at 12 November 1845. St Augustine's was sufficiently advanced to be opened for worship in the summer of 1850 but it was not fully finished to Pugin's plan in his lifetime nor has the outstanding work of constructing the spire been carried out since.
Editor’s Note
5 Pugin stayed at Alton Towers from 24 September until 3 October.
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