Timothy J. Cornell (ed.), The Fragments of the Roman Historians, Vol. 2

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Critical ApparatusT13 (=F8)DH 4.6.1

βούλομαι δ‎ʼ ἐπιστήσας τὸν ἑξῆς λόγον ἀποδοῦναι τὰς αἰτίας δι‎ʼ ἃς οὔτε Φαβί‎ῳ συγκατεθέμην οὔτε τοῖς ἄλλοις ἱστορικοῖς, ὅσοι γράφουσιν υἱο‎ὺς εἶναι το‎ὺς καταλειφθέντας παῖδας ὑπὸ Ταρκυνίου, ἵνα μή τινες τῶν ἐκείναις ἐντυχόντων ταῖς ἱστορίαις σχεδιάζειν με ὑπολάβωσιν, οὐχ υἱούς ἀλλ‎ʼ υἱωνο‎ὺς αὐτοῦ γράφοντα το‎ὺς παῖδας‎. παντάπασι γὰρ ἀπερισκέπτως καὶ ῥᾳθύμως οἱ συγγραφεῖς‎ <περὶ‎> αὐτῶν ταύτην ἐξενηνόχασι τὴν ἱστορίαν οὐδὲν ἐξητακότες τῶν ἀναιρούντων αὐτὴν ἀδυνάτων τε καὶ ἀτόπων‎.


T13 (=F8)DH 4.6.1

I wish to stop my continuous narrative to explain the reasons for which I have agreed neither with Fabius nor with the other historians who write that the children left by Tarquinius were his sons; I do this so that none of those who have come across these histories may suppose that I am inventing things, when I write that the children were not his sons but his grandsons. For wholly thoughtlessly and carelessly have historians published this account concerning them; they have scrutinized none of the impossibilities and absurdities which confute it.

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Critical Apparatus
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