Jeremy Bentham

Luke O'Sullivan and Catherine Fuller (eds), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 12: July 1824 to June 1828

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Editor’s Note3269To Étienne Dumont25 July 1826 (Aet 78)

Q.S.P. 25 July 1826

My dear Dumont

The Gentleman who will deliver this to you is Mr James Morison a man of whom I have a high estime, as you may imagine from his having been my guest at Dover for above a week whither he went on Electioneering.2 The rest you must get out of him by questioning and pg 228cross-questioning: for I have no time to write a syllable more: he being about to take his departure in a few hours. Make him give you the history of his life: it is an altogether curious one. We expect him to do a world of good in Parliament on his return

  • Yours ever
  • J.B.

No time for a syllable about any such insignificant person as myself.

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Editor’s Note
3269. 1 Dumont MSS 33/V, fo. 24. Autograph.
Editor’s Note
2 Bentham had been in Dover during August and September 1825 before making his visit to France. According to the Kentish Gazette, 20 September 1825, Morrison arrived in Dover on 17 September 1825, and began canvassing on 20 September 1825, but in the event did not stand as a candidate for Dover in the General Election of June 1826.
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