Jeremy Bentham

Luke O'Sullivan and Catherine Fuller (eds), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 12: July 1824 to June 1828

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Editor’s Note3271To Leicester Stanhope27 July 1826 (Aet 77)

  • Q.S.P. 27 July 1826
  • Thursday

My ever dear Leicester

In answer to yours just received2—I have a project for putting myself to school to you, if you will receive me, very shortly, to finish the schooling I had the good fortune to receive on the subject of Army Service from our Colonel Young:3 it will then be time for a talk about Mr Lerguson4 of whom the account you give me is highly cheering. Do me the favour to let me know during what portion of the summer and autumn you think of being within my reach.

As to Dr MacCulloch he is gone North: will be back in London for a certainty on the 22d of October: but does not expect to be much if at all sooner. He will be all along upon the move. But I will endeavour to catch him by letter.

I see a possibility of getting him to write something for the Or. Herald, if desired, during this his excursion, but the probability not great: on his return, I shall be much disappointed, if he does not furnish matter for it in as great quantity as can be desired. I will write to him speedily, and if I receive an answer, inform you of the result.5

  •                               Your's ever
  •                                                                  J.B.

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Editor’s Note
3271. 1 University College London Library, Stanhope Letter Collection, no. 22. Autograph.
Addressed: 'To / The Hon: Col.l Leicester Stanhope'.
Editor’s Note
2 Missing.
Editor’s Note
3 See Letters 3131, 3134.
Editor’s Note
4 Probably Robert Cutlar Lergusson (1768–1838), barrister and judge.
Editor’s Note
5 MacCulloch does not appear to have written for the Oriental Herald, nor has any correspondence between Bentham and MacCulloch on this subject been traced.
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