Jeremy Bentham

Luke O'Sullivan and Catherine Fuller (eds), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 12: July 1824 to June 1828

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pg 265Editor’s Note3288To John Neal27 November 1826 (Aet 78)

27 Novr 1826

J.B. to J.N.

  1. 1. Did not you tell me just now, that you had stated the matter in dispute between you and Bowring to Coulson and Austin—that both of them gave it to you as their opinion that Bowring had behaved ill on the occasion?2

  2. 2. Did not you likewise tell me that in consequence Austin had declared to you his resolution never to write again for the Westminster Review?

  3. 3. On that occasion were those letters or copies of them produced that I am to write to Bowring to desire him to send me?

  4. 4. Are not those letters letters from you to him?3

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Editor’s Note
3288. 1 Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., Houghton Library, bMS Am 1949 (17c). Autograph. Addressed: 'For / Mr Neal.'
Editor’s Note
2 In October 1826 Bentham had asked Neal to write a review of Petr Ivanovich Poletika, Aperçu de la situation intérieure des États-Unis d'Amérique et de leurs rapports politiques avec l'Europe, London, 1826, for the Westminster Review. Having obtained assurances from Bowring that he would not make unauthorized editorial alterations, Neal wrote the review. According to Neal, however, Bowring 'omitted whole paragraphs, which he [Bowring] had appeared much pleased with in conversation', whereupon Neal refused to allow the altered version to be published (see Wandering Recollections, pp. 277–9). On his return to America Neal published an account of his quarrel with Bowring and the Westminster Review in The Yankee, a weekly journal he launched on 1 January 1828, with the motto 'Utility—"the greatest happiness of the greatest number."—Bentham': see The Yankee: and Boston Literary Gazette, vol. i, no. xxxix (24 September 1828), pp. 305–6; vol. i, no. xl (1 October 1828), p. 319; vol. i, no. xli (8 October 1828), pp. 321–3.
Editor’s Note
3 For correspondence between Neal and Bowring from November 1826 relating to the dispute see Neal, Wandering Recollections, pp. 279–81.
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