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Luke O'Sullivan and Catherine Fuller (eds), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 12: July 1824 to June 1828

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pg 359Editor’s Note3341To Leicester Stanhope19 May 1827 (Aet 78)

Q.S.P 19 May 1827

My ever dear Leicester,

I hear you have given notice of a Motion at the India House for the selling of Offices on Government account.2

The printing of my Constitutional Code has got to such a length as to have embraced that subject.3 Herewith you will receive a copy of so much of it as is in print—number of pages 464. The Preface of a work though it stand first is scarce ever written, or ought to be written, till after the completion of it. When you compare the work in this state with what it was when you took charge of it for Greece,4 a good quarter or a third is in such a state you will not know it again.

In a very few days the next Chapter on the Defensive Force will I hope be found in a readable state such as to be capable of being submitted to your examination. For me to take the benefit of it in the way of conversation I must beg of you a morning visit, little as that time of the 24 hours can be spared by me.

Meantime have you part of an evening vacant on Thursday or Friday?5 I will not propose your dining here. I know it is more convenient to you to dine elsewhere.

From 9 to 11 I hope for the delight your company always gives me.

I do not [think] that you have a copy of my article in the Westmr Review.6 I enclose one. I add two others: one for Buckingham, the other for Dr Gilchrist, for whom I have always felt a sincere affection though I can not find time for seeing half the old friends pg 360I would wish to see, much less, except some case of pressing necessity a new one.

If Buckingham would like to have a few copies of the abovementioned Article to send to friends in British India I would supply him with pleasure. You or he can find means for my sending one to our dear Col. Young and to Ramoun Roy.7

We will talk of this when we meet.

No time for reading over.

  •                           Your's ever
  •                                                    Jeremy Bentham

Hon Col. Leicester Stanhope.

You will find in this large Volume of printed scrawl but too many marks of failing faculties.

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Editor’s Note
3341. 1 University College London Library, Stanhope Letter Collection, no. 25. Autograph.
Endorsed: 'From J.B. to L.S. on selling / of Ind: appointments &c'.
Editor’s Note
2 At a meeting of the General Court of Directors of the East India Company held on 30 March 1827, Stanhope had given notice that he would submit a motion that all appointments should be openly sold and the money raised applied to a Sinking Fund for gradually liquidating the Company's debts. The Court of Directors voted to reject the motion at a meeting of the General Court on 20 June 1827. See the minutes at British Library shelf-mark IOR B/179 fo. 760 and IOR B/180, lacking a folio number, respectively. Although unidentified in the official minutes, Stanhope is identified as the proposer of the motion in the reports of the meetings which appeared in the Oriental Herald, vol. xiii, no. xli (May 1827), 400–2, and vol. xiv, no. xliii (July 1827), 193–9.
Editor’s Note
3 Bentham recommended that duly-qualified candidates should bid for the pay of public offices by means of the pecuniary competition system in 'Constitutional Code', Vol. I, Ch. IX, § 17, pp. 424–37 (Constitutional Code, I (CW), pp. 337–62).
Editor’s Note
5 24 or 25 May 1827.
Editor’s Note
6 'Article Eight of the Westminster Review No. XII. for October, 1826, on Mr. Humphreys' Observations on the English Law of Real Property, with the Outline of a Code, &c.'
Editor’s Note
7 Rammohun Roy (1772–1833), Indian political and religious writer, who lived in Calcutta from 1815, and in England from 1830.
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