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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 12: July 1824 to June 1828

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note3358To Leicester Stanhope23 August 1827 (Aet 78)

  • Q.S.P. 23 Aug. 1827
  • Thursday

Colonel Stanhope will much oblige the Hermit by the favour of a call as soon as convenient to him: tomorrow (Friday) after dinner would be most convenient to the Hermit: but should that time not be so to the man of war, any time most convenient to him before dinner, will answer the purpose.2

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Editor’s Note
3358. 1 University College London Library, Stanhope Letter Collection, no. 26. Autograph. Endorsed: "From J. Bentham to LFS'.
Editor’s Note
2 Bentham apparently wished to question Stanhope about his work on the Defensive Force (see Letter 3131 n.1). An autograph folio at UC, xl. 67 (17 July 1827), headed: 'Ch. X. Defensive Force.' contains a note of 24 August 1827, 'Quere whether worth inserting', and a further note '☞ Ask Col. St. whether this be worth inserting'. A fragment attached to this folio, in the hand of Doane, again on the topic of promotion, contains the following marginal note by Bentham: 'By Col. Young 2 Sept. 1827. Employed this by J.B.'
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