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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 12: July 1824 to June 1828

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Editor’s NoteEditor’s Note3178From John Herbert Koe28 February 1825

  • Lincolns Inn
  • Monday 28 Feby 1825

Would you please to lend me the Recopilacion.2 I will take special care of it, and return it on Thursday next.3

I have not yet been able to obtain for you Runnington:4 but I shall get it.

pg 110I shall be able to get for [you] the occasion of Runningtons dislocation—I believe the cause of it to have been some malversation of Clarkson his Clerk.5 I believe however he remained in office sometime after this misconduct, & his connivance in it, had been discovered, by the protection he received from Shepherd who was then Attorney General6 who married his Sister or whose Sister he married.7 I am endeavouring to obtain for you the further particulars you desire as also relating to the other matters.

I have not yet been able to procure the Brief relating to the receipt by Lord Eldon of the Fees in Bankruptcy.

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Editor’s Note
3178. 1 UC, xix. 9. Autograph. Addressed: "To / Jeremy Bentham Esqr / Queen Square Place / Westminster'.
Editor’s Note
2 Possibly Recopilacion de las leyes de estos reynos, hecha por mandado de la Mag. Catholica del Rey D. Philipe quinto, 3 vols., Madrid, 1723.
Editor’s Note
3 3 March 1825.
Editor’s Note
4 Charles Runnington, The History, Principles and Practice, (Ancient and Modern,) of the Legal Remedy by Ejectment; And the Resulting Action for Mesne Profits; the Evidence in General, Necessary to Sustain and Defend them: with an Appendix, Illustrative of the Subject (first published 1795), 2nd edn., London, 1820.
Editor’s Note
5 According to figures supplied by Romaine William Clarkson, Clerk to the Insolvent Debtors Court, in the years 1817–18 he himself received £1,85517s. 5d. in fees, and Runnington received £1,476 13s. 2d.: see Commons Journals (1818–19) lxxiv. 1140.
Editor’s Note
6 Sir Samuel Shepherd (1760–1840), Attorney General 1817–19.
Editor’s Note
7 Runnington had married Shepherd's youngest sister, Anna Maria in 1777, but had remarried in 1783 following her death.
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