S. Douglas Olson (ed.), Broken Laughter: Select Fragments of Greek Comedy

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E20. Aristophanes fr. 102, from Farmers (late 420s bc)

Editor’s Note1

(Α‎.) ἐθέλω γεωργεῖν.

(B.) εἶτα τίς σε κωλύει;

Editor’s Note2

(Α‎.) ὑμεῖς‎. ἐπεὶ δίδωμι χιλίας δραχμάς‎,

3ἐάν με τῶν ἀρχῶν ἀφῆτε.

(Β‎.) δεχόμεθα·

Editor’s Note4δισχίλιαι γάρ εἰσι σὺν ταῖς Νικίου

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Editor’s Note
1. γεωργεῖν‎: i.e. 'to live on my country estate in peace', rather than being involved in public duties in the city; cf. 2–3; E2 introductory n.
εἶτα‎ ('So …, Well …') marks this as a hostile question (LSJ s.v. II).
Editor’s Note
2–3. ἐπεὶ κτλ‎.: sc. 'and you've failed to take the money and do as I ask!'
Editor’s Note
δίδωμι‎ is 'I'm offering'.
Editor’s Note
For an attempt to catalogue Athens' various ἀρχαί‎ ('magistracies'), see D. S. Allen, The World of Prometheus (Princeton, 2000), 305–16.
Editor’s Note
4. σὺν ταῖς Νικίου‎: 'when added to the (drachmas) we got from Nicias'.
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