Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Modern Critical Edition

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5.2Sc. 22

Editor’s NoteEnter Richmond, Oxford, Blunt, Herbert, and others, with drum and colours

richmond Fellows in arms, and my most loving friends

2Bruised underneath the yoke of tyranny,

Editor’s Note3Thus far into the bowels of the land

4Have we marched on without impediment;

[Showing a letter]

Editor’s Note5And here receive we from our father Stanley

Editor’s Note6Lines of fair comfort and encouragement.

Editor’s Note7The wretched, bloody, and usurping boar

8That spoiled your summer fields and fruitful vines,

Editor’s Note9Swills your warm blood like wash, and makes his trough

pg 628Editor’s Note10In your embowelled bosoms, this foul swine

11Is now even in the centre of this isle,

12Near to the town of Leicester, as we learn.

Editor’s Note13From Tamworth thither is but one day's march.

14In God's name, cheerly on, courageous friends,

15To reap the harvest of perpetual peace

16By this one bloody trial of sharp war.


oxford Every man's conscience is a thousand men

18To fight against this guilty homicide.

Editor’s Note19

herbert I doubt not but his friends will turn to us.


blunt He hath no friends but what are friends for fear,

Editor’s Note21Which in his dearest need will fly from him.

Editor’s Note22

richmond All for our vantage. Then, in God's name, march!

23True hope is swift, and flies with swallows' wings.

24Kings it makes gods, and meaner creatures kings.

Exeunt omnes

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Editor’s Note
5.2.0 colours military ensigns, banners
Editor’s Note
5.2.0 others presumably armed lords and soldiers
Editor’s Note
5.2.3 bowels heart or centre. Richmond's army is at Tamworth, Staffordshire, thirteen miles (20 km) from Meriden, traditionally supposed the centre of England (but not of 'this isle', Britain).
Editor’s Note
5.2.5 we … our royal plural
Editor’s Note
5.2.5 father i.e. stepfather. Stanley Earl of Derby was Richmond's mother's third husband.
Editor’s Note
5.2.6 Lines i.e. the letter dispatched in 4.5
Editor’s Note
5.2.7 wretched contemptible
Editor’s Note
5.2.7 boar i.e. Richard
Editor’s Note
5.2.9 Swills gulps down
Editor’s Note
5.2.9 wash pig-swill
Editor’s Note
5.2.10 embowelled disembowelled
Editor’s Note
5.2.13 Tamworth (about twenty-two miles or 37 km west of Leicester)
Editor’s Note
5.2.19 doubt not but don't doubt that
Editor’s Note
5.2.21 fly flee
Editor’s Note
5.2.22 vantage advantage
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