Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Modern Critical Edition

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Sc. 154.3

Editor’s NoteAlarums to the fight, wherein both the Staffords are slain. Enter Cade and the rest [including Butcher]

cade Where's Dick, the butcher of Ashford?


butcher Here, sir.


cade They fell before thee like sheep and oxen, and thou behaved'st 4thyself as if thou hadst been in thine own slaughterhouse. Therefore Editor’s Note5thus will I reward thee: the Lent shall be as long again as it is, and thou Editor’s Note6shalt have a licence to kill for a hundred, lacking one.


butcher I desire no more.

Editor’s Note8

cade And to speak truth, thou deserv'st no less. This monument of 9the victory will I bear, and the bodies shall be dragged at my horse 10heels till I do come to London, where we will have the Mayor's sword 11borne before us.


butcher If we mean to thrive and do good, break open the jails and 13let out the prisoners.


cade Fear not that, I warrant thee. Come, let's march towards London.

Exeunt [dragging the Staffords' bodies]

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Editor’s Note
15.0 Alarums to the fight How long the fight lasts is a performance choice. However, the rule against immediate re-entry in Elizabethan theatre (a group of the same characters could not exit one scene and then re-enter at the beginning of the next), suggests that an extended passage of time, or mimed action, passes before Cade, Butcher, and other followers come back on stage.
Editor’s Note
15.5 as … is i.e. twice its present length
Editor’s Note
15.6 licence Butchers were not permitted to slaughter meat during Lent, except by special licence to provide meat for the ill.
Editor’s Note
15.6 a hundred, lacking one (i.e. ninety-nine years, the standard term for a lease)
Editor’s Note
15.8 monument memorial, testimony to success
Editor’s Note
15.8–9 This … bear Cade may apparel himself in the Staffords' armour.
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