John Churchill, first duke of Marlborough

Henry L. Snyder (ed.), The Marlborough–Godolphin Correspondence, Vol. 1

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240. MARLBOROUGH to the DUCHESS [9/20 September 1703]

Source: Blenheim MSS. E2.

Vervier September 9. 1703

By yours of the 30th of the last month I find you are stile att Windsor, but that you hoped to be att the Bath in a weeke.6 I doe with all my heart and soul wish the watters may doe you as much good, as you say thay have done Mr. Guy. I am now within three leagues of the famous watters of Aix la Chapel, where I have promised to dine with my Lady Albemarle.7 Her Lord and she went thether yesterday, but I think not to doe itt till I am first master of this place, which I am afraid will cost near a fortnight more, for I am resolved to give them noe better capitulation than those of Huy had, which is to be prisoners of war. I am intierly of the mind of 26 [Godolphin] that 14 [Sir Edward Seymour] will not be his nor my friend this winter, but play the knave and fool as he did last winter. But this, nor nothing of that kind gives mee much trouble, for I will not be a slave to any party, and as I am sure willingly I shall doe nothing to give offence, soe off the other hand I have nothing to aske of any of them, for I thank God I am contented with what I have. You my desarest soull, is onely capable of making mee happy or uneasy.

pg 243The latter I am sure you will not, for the remaining part of my life, shall bee to give you demonstrations how dear you are to mee. I desire you will give my duty to the Queen, and you may assure her that the sole consideration of her Service makes mee undergoe the trouble I now have, and that I think I can never doe enough to expresse my gratitude for her goodness to us all. I am very glad my Lord Treasurer is better. I wish he may live long, for should he doe otherwais then well, the Queen would have a very great lose. I have some Mosel wine for you att Mastric, but am in pain how to send it to Holland, for if it goes by watter thether, I am afraid the watterman may spoil itt; and to send itt by land it is both daingerous and very troublesome. But one way or other you shall have itt, when I come, which time I very much long for.

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Editor’s Note
6 She arrived this day.
Editor’s Note
7 Gertrude de Quirina, Countess of Albemarle (died 1741), daughter of Adam van der Duyn, Master of the Buck-hounds to William III; married Albemarle 1701.
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