Jeremy Bentham

T. L. S. Sprigge (ed.), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 1: 1752–76

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Editor’s Note171To Samuel Bentham2 July 1776 (Aet 28)

Tuesday July 2d. 1776

The Hog I understand from Nairne sets out on Thursday—By that Hog you will receive your Pelican. I am afraid the Valve has too little play though it has full as much as it should have according to your draught. Caustic Alkali will not do—It will combine with the Alcohol—I must send you some mild. Glass Tubes I could get now of any bore intermediate between those which you will see—I hope however one or other size will do—If not Nairne may possibly assist us.

I am now in great haste—I hope to write fuller tomorrow or at least the next day—Tomorrow! O ye Gods! be propitious but tomorrow! Tomorrow is to determine whether Lodgings shall be

'findable' no more than ¾ of a mile distance from Miss |      |.2 I have bought a Horse at E. Shene—a small thing too small I fear to do for a Continuance but very pretty—The price no more than 12 Guineas.

Instead of a Horse which was to have come from W. on Wednesday, came a letter of excuse on Friday in Mrs. W's hand, alledging that the Horse had got the distemper—3

pg 331I wrote to Mrs. W. on Saturday excusing myself from postponing my engagement which she had asked me to do : she seemed to take for granted that the time of it would clash with that of her proposed excursion hitherwards, and I did not undeceive her.

Tomorrow I expect an answer from the Parson at whose House Wilson and I hope to be quartered—He is to breakfast with me.

Nothing very material happen'd at Sunday's meeting. I could not get to be 5 minutes alone with her. Yet some little progress I think was made—We all go to dine at Ripley Friday sennight—and I alone am asked to come early in order to have some music.

I am actually under the hands of a leader of two-paw'd bears— His name Abingdon—recommended by Mr. (Aldm.) Clark. Terms 2 guineas entrance and 2 do. 12 lessons—twas in Beaufort buildings a little beyond Exeter Change.

You can certainly make the tube as well as Nairne. I have not yet been able to get a Boerhaave4 to find out the Receipt.

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Editor’s Note
1 B.M. II: 37–38. Autograph.
Addressed: 'To / Mr. Bentham / at the King's Dock Yard / near Rochester / Single Sheet.' Postmark: '2 IY'.
Editor’s Note
3 There follows a heavily scored out line.
Editor’s Note
4 Hermann Boerhaave (1668–1738) was a Dutch physician, botanist and chemist. His Elementa Chemica translated into English in 1735 as Elements of Chemistry was a standard textbook and is probably referred to here.
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