Jeremy Bentham

T. L. S. Sprigge (ed.), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 1: 1752–76

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Editor’s Note73To Jeremiah Bentham27 March 1767 (Aet 19)

Queen's Coll. Oxon. Friday March 27th 1767

Hond. Sir

I have just time to acquaint you with my having taken my degree this morning which several accidents had conspired hitherto to put off: be pleased to excuse my abruptness, as I have but just time to seal this up before dinner, after which I shall go up with the fellows into the Common Room, and from thence immediately to Mr. pg 112Hornsby's lectures which will take up all the intermediate time between this and the going out of the post. I am

  •                         Your dutiful and affectionate Son
  •                                 J. Bentham

Dutifull respects to my Mother.

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Editor’s Note
73. 1 B.M. I: 206–207. Autograph. Docketed by Jeremiah Bentham: 'Son Jeremy / Lr. datd. Oxon 27th March 1767 / of his having taken his Degree of Master of Arts.' Addressed: 'Jereh. Bentham Esqr. / Queen's Square / Westminster.' Stamped: 'oxford'. Postmark: '28 MR'.
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