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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 4: October 1788 to December 1793

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pg 322Editor’s Note803From the Marquis of Lansdowne21 July 1791

Pembroke 21st July 1791

I intended writing to you from Bowood but I am always agitated at parting with Lord Wycombe, and can think of nothing but what regards him, and he did not set out till the day we did.

As to Foreign Politicks, I cannot help looking upon the Emperor2 as the Arbiter of Europe, and I believe him to be full as ambitious as his Brother only with more Art, more Prudence and Truth. The French Nation seem to be the Favourites of Providence, but it appears that Monsr de Calonne will never rest till he gets some of his Friends hang'd.3

You misapprehended me, when you suppos'd that one only of the Ladys remain'd each month. It is that one was to preside each month. However I had forgot that one generally goes to Warwick at the end of the Season, and two remain at Bowood till I go to Town, but the Warwicks have not fix'd their own time of going to Warwick, nor is it quite fix'd whether any will go this year.

We are all much delighted with South Wales—I write from the house of a Lady, who is so transcendently beautyfull, that we all agree, if you were but to see her, you would not be able to write a word for a year. Adieu

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Editor’s Note
803. 1 B.L. V: 274–5. Autograph. Docketed: '1791 July 21 / Ld L. Pembroke / to / J.B. Hendon.'
Addressed: 'To / Jer. Bentham Esqr / near the 8 mile stone / Hendon / London / Middlesex.' Franked: 'Pembroke July twenty-third 1791. Fr. Lansdown'. Postmark: '25/A 91 Pembroke'.
The second paragraph of the letter is quoted in Bowring, x, 262.
Editor’s Note
2 Leopold II (1747–92), who had succeeded his brother, Joseph II, as Emperor of Austria, in 1790. He formed an alliance with Prussia against France, but died before war broke out.
Editor’s Note
3 Calonne was acting as the agent in Britain of Artois and Condé and assisting French emigrés to escape (see above, p. 62, n. 6).
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