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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 4: October 1788 to December 1793

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Editor’s Note809From Samuel Bentham30 August 1791

Aug. 1791.

Here am I still without Panopticon tables. On Sunday I was given to expect them, nothing came, on monday nothing on Tuesday which is today no post and therefore nothing. Your orders were not to come away till I get these tables. Your general instigations are to come away immediately. If I get them tomorrow I shall set out next day—in short the day after I get them I come away and not till then.

pg 329Flies I supposed wanting to Plany, how could you suspect I meant treenail Engine of which I had never spoke about the machinery.21 sleep a good deal and mechanize but little.

We talk much of Panopticon and are impatient for the tables. Peake3 the Uncle is arriving.

Hooper4 promises to be useful.

  • Anthony
  •   day of month on outside.
  •    To Jeremy Bentham.5

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Editor’s Note
809. 1 King's College, Cambridge. Bentham Ms. 86/3. Autograph. Docketed: '1791 / Aug. 30 / S.B. Plymouth / to / J.B. Dover Street / Reced Sept. 1st.'
Addressed: 'Jeremy Bentham Esq / 2 Dover Street / London.' Franked: 'Plymouth August thirty 1791 / Free R. Carew'. Postmark: 'FREE/P/SE/1/91'. Stamped:
Editor’s Note
2 Samuel had thought that fly-wheels were lacking from the planing machine ('Plany'), not the 'treenail' engine (see letter 807, p. 324 above).
Editor’s Note
3 Not identified; probably a brother of Henry Peake and uncle of Jack Peake.
Editor’s Note
5 Last three lines added in another hand, perhaps that of Lady Bentham, at a later date.
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