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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 4: October 1788 to December 1793

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Editor’s Note868To Richard Clark24 September 1792 (Aet 44)

Dear Sir,

A gentleman of the name of Winterbottom called here about a week or ten days ago wishing to settle the business between me and Mr Bristow.2 Finding him a stranger to the transaction, and that it would take more time to possess him of it than I had then to spare, I intimated to him that I conceived it might be much better pg 397settled with you as a common friend to both parties, if you would be kind enough to undertake the trouble. He immediately assented, and it is at his instance that I write this, which I could not do then, on account of some business which called me into Essex. When you and I had a little conversation on the subject, I recollect your proposing that Mr Bristow and I should split the difference. These terms I am willing to accede to, and upon these terms to pay the money immediately. The difference is £7: £63 being the fine taken of my father at a period since which neither rent nor other profit has been raised to me directly or indirectly, and £70 the sum to which Mr Bristow's demand was reduced by the paper which I shewed him. £66.10s. then is the money which upon this footing I should have to pay—besides the heriots and fees—I beg the favour of an answer as soon as convenient, and am with all respect and regard.

  • Dear Sir,                           
  • Your most obedient humble servt    
  • Jeremy Bentham.        

Mr. Alderman Clark.

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Editor’s Note
868. 1 U.C. clxxiii: 60. Autograph. Docketed: 'Sept 24, 1792.'
Alderman Richard Clark (1739–1831), an attorney and a friend of Jeremiah Bentham. He had been Lord Mayor of London in 1784–5 and was to become Chamberlain of the City in succession to John Wilkes, 1798. (see Correspondence, i, ii and iii passim, especially i, 90 n. 1.)
Editor’s Note
2 George Bristow was a partner in the firm of Bristow and Winterbottom, attorneys, Merchant Taylors Hall, 30 Threadneedle Street, London; he was later Clerk of the Merchant Taylors Company.
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