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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 4: October 1788 to December 1793

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Editor’s Note629To Jeremiah Bentham17 November 1788 (Aet 40)

Hond. Sir

Your letter of Saturday2 has just reached me. Pray do just as you please: only be so good as [to] apprise me of the terms before you bind yourself irrevocably.

I suppose when you have understoood the utmost that Jeffs3 will give, you will find some means of learning whether the other man will give more.

Be so good as inform me whether my Mother4 will [be] turned of 55? the 31 Decr. 1788? an odd question you will say. The case is pg 15I see an advertisement of a little Tontine in France on real security sanctioned by Government on lives not younger than as above— shares under 20 guineas a piece. If upon farther enquiry the particulars please me, I think I should like to have a share or two. The time is fixed in such a manner, that there is none to spare.

  • Your's ever                 
  • J.B.           

Monday 2 o'clock Novr 17th 17865

This letter being put in the post tomorrow will reach you in the afternoon I suppose about 4 or 5. Pray send off the answer immediately—to the principal office near Clare Market, and it will reach me about 2 on Wednesday. The simple fact is all I want: there will be time enough for discussion when we meet. I shan't conclude for the affirmative till I see you.

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Editor’s Note
1 B.L. IV: 492–3. Autograph. Docketed by Jeremiah: 'Mr. Jere Bentham / Lr dated Hendon / Nov. 17th, 1788. '
Addressed: 'To / Jeremiah Bentham, Esqr / Queen's Square Place / Westminster.' Postmark indecipherable.
Editor’s Note
2 Missing.
Editor’s Note
3 Not identified.
Editor’s Note
4 His stepmother, Mrs Sarah Bentham (nee Farr, first married to John Abbot). She was the mother of Charles Abbot, 1st Baron Colchester (1757–1829), and John Farr Abbot (1756–94), to both of whom there are frequent references in the Correspondence, past and future. She lived until 1809. The advertised tontine has not been traced.
Editor’s Note
5 A mistake in the original.
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