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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 5: January 1794 to December 1797

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Editor’s Note1133To Samuel Bentham25 May 1796 (Aet 48)

Q.S.P. 25 May 1796

It happens by God's providence, that Collins has a kind of Welsh connection with your Upholstering Mr Wilson, the Agent for pg 206the Landlord of the Fortunate Island:2 said Wilson being the great Williams's, the great Coppersmith Williams's3 Upholsterer!!!—whereby said Wilson has undertaken that Collins shall have the refusal of said Island. Said Wilson has accordingly written (at least promised that he would write) by this day's post to his principal for full powers: taking 21 Years for the hypothetical argumentative term, and asking upon what terms (conditions) said Landlord would let said Island—putting the matter in both ways with regard to the laying out of the Repair-gelt—1st supposition Landlord to lay out the money—rent so much more—2nd supposition, Tenant to lay out the money—rent so much the less—

N.B. there might be a 3rd or medium or compound supposition—Landlord to allow so much—Tenant to covenant to lay out so much more, and in consideration thereof have the laying out of the Landlord's quota, with the privity and if need be, approbation of Landlord's surveyor—Therefore you Mr Inspector, first of all please know your own mind—then and in the second place please communicate the same to

  • Sir                               
  • your humble Servt              
  • to command                
  • or anybody else.               

Your friend Ld Spencer, instead of writing as he promised, has upon receiving copy of the note of which you saw the Brouillon4 appointed me to call upon him tomorrow. Down upon your marrow-bones and pray to God there may be no quarrelling.

J. Peake will probably tell you of Hoopers5 draught being come here for acceptance, £100.—J. Peake says you know of it—but I hear of nobody's having any instructions about the matter—I undertook that an answer should be here from you on Saturday. Drawn at 20 days date—day marked as day when due 4 June. Friths[?]6 have called here twice—and the 2d time took back the note /Bill/.

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Editor’s Note
1133. 1 B.L. VI: 185–6. Autograph. No docket or address.
Editor’s Note
2 The house on the island site in Queen's Square.
Editor’s Note
3 Probably Thomas Williams, Copper Office, Royal Exchange, London. On 7 May 1779 he patented a process for 'smelting copper-ore whereby the arsenic is extracted from the metal, and it is brought to fine copper with less trouble and expense than by the common process' (Bennet Woodcroft, Alphabetical Index of Patentees of Inventions, 1969 edn., p. 621).
Editor’s Note
5 Not identified. Perhaps the same man as the one mentioned in letters 808, 809 and 812. Both the brothers were in financial difficulties at this time.
Editor’s Note
6 Not identified: perhaps Friths were collectors of promissory notes and this may refer to the same bill.
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