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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 5: January 1794 to December 1797

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Editor’s Note959To Evan Nepean22 April 1794 (Aet 46)

April 22 1794

¾ after 1 I call again

in ½ an hour

Mr Pitt and Mr Dundas expressed to Mr Sylvester Douglas on Sunday their desire that a short Bill might be drawn for the present Session. 'Why cannot Mr Bentham draw a short Bill?' etc.

I have got from Mr Lowndes Heads of a Bill for the purpose according to his own ideas purely, with a recommendation to get a Bill drawn either by Mr. W. Bentham,2 or Mr Crewse,3 by Friday, pg 31which he Mr. L. has undertaken to peruse and settle in readiness to give in for Monday.

But for the purpose of describing the Land a copy of the Inquest of the Jury of 10th Septr 1782 is absolutely necessary: which Inquest was procured on my application from Mr White4 and is now in the hands of Mr Blake.5

I have Mr Lowndes's Heads of a Bill in my pocket, and hope they will answer my purpose.

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Editor’s Note
959. 1 B.L. V: 514. Autograph draft. Docketed: '1794 Apr. 22 / Panopt / J.B. Sectys Office / to / Nepean ibid. / Heads of Bill from Lowndes.'
Editor’s Note
2 William Bentham, a distant cousin of Jeremy; he was like him a great-grandson of Bryan Bentham (b. 1657). (See the family tree in Correspondence, i, pp. xxxviii–xxxix.) At this time he was practising as a conveyancer at 10 New Square, Lincoln's Inn (Brown's General Law List, 1787, p. 23; 1797, p. 45).
Editor’s Note
3 William Cruise, also a conveyancer; he had been called to the bar in 1791 and was practising at 3 Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn (Brown, op. cit., 1787, p. 23; 1797, p. 21).
Editor’s Note
4 Joseph White, Treasury Solicitor, 1794–1806.
Editor’s Note
5 Roebuck Blake (d. 1813), extra-clerk at the Treasury, 1785–1813.
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