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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 5: January 1794 to December 1797

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Editor’s Note1187To Samuel Bentham5 October 1796 (Aet 48)

Q.S.P. 5 Oct. 1796

The Ordnance Letter and the Admiralty Order to you in consequence of course threw me into a great rage. If war be to be made, here is Ink languishing to be shed.

Herald 5 Oct. 17962

The French /Philistines/ will soon be upon us with good Gun boats by the hundred, we opposing them with floating batteries by the dozen. 'At Dunkirk, Gravelines and Ostend' 'vessels long and broad, so as not to draw above three foot water: those for the artillery are made to receive Field pieces with Horses, and at the Bow a bridge is fixed to fall down on the Beach, by which the pg 279Horses can trail the cannon on shore immediately. Each to receive from 100 to 150 men with arms and ammunition'—'All Merchant Vessels are put in requisition to carry troops ammunition and baggage'—50,000 stand of arms and Field Pieces brass from 12 to 6 pounders arrived at Ostend from the interior—before the Gentleman (arrived at Hull on Saty. last) had left the Country—He had made his escape from Ostend—having been a prisoner.

Flat bottomed boats at Boulogne—upon the whole coast, supposed about 500—Reported by the Captn of the French Active Privateer captured by our Racoon Sloop—examined before the Bailiff of Seaford on Friday—Others of the Prisoners reported 2 or 3,000—each boat to transport 80 men.

Two letters from Nepean—one referring to letter from another Water-purifier, Matthew Sheffield,3 85 Cannon Street, who gives no particulars but wants an interview. Another requiring you 'to report for their Lordship's information, the Amount of the Sums necessary to be inserted in the Extra Estimates for the ensuing year for the works to be carried on in his Maj's Yd at Portsmouth' agreable to the Plan proposed by you.

Wilberforce had heard at Pitt's table t'other day Tothill Fields mentioned as the place I was to have—Pitt said nothing—Wilberforce thought it best to say nothing then, lest the idea of partiality to me should operate to my prejudice. Hearing how matters stood between me and Long, he said of his own accord, he would go and speak to Pitt about it, without delay.

   Morn Chron—Harwich Oct. 2.4

Orders given for erection of furnaces for heating red hot Balls along this coast, at Walton, Clackton and Holland, in Essex.

   Herald 4 Oct.5

French improved Telegraph account from the French Decade Literaire et Politique6—It seems infinitely better than the English ones—and like S.B.'s is usable by individuals.

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Editor’s Note
1187. 1 B.L. VI: 296. Autograph. No docket or address.
Editor’s Note
2 The two paragraphs following are quotations from the Morning Herald newspaper.
Editor’s Note
3 Matthew Sheffield, poulterer.
Editor’s Note
4 An item from the Morning Chronicle newspaper.
Editor’s Note
5 A comment on an item in the Morning Herald.
Editor’s Note
6 La décade philosophique, littéraire et politique was a periodical started in Paris 'par une Société de Républicains' in 1794. An article entitled: 'Des télégraphes, description de ceux du Louvre et des Tuileries à Paris, et de celui de l'Amirauté à Londres' appeared in no. 87 (16 Sept. 1796), pp. 525–33.
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