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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 5: January 1794 to December 1797

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Editor’s Note969To Evan Nepean11 June 1794 (Aet 46)

On Barracks

Queen's Square Place Westmr June 11th 1794


It was an observation that dropped spontaneously from Lord Chesterfield2 on seeing the Panopticon Models t'other day, that pg 38a building of that sort might be adapted with particular advantage to the purpose of Barracks. His Lordship's quickness followed up the observation with some reasons of details which my tardiness could not overtake.

Hearing it said just now that you were gone to Colonel Delancey3 from Mr Pitt, it brought to mind a very short conversation I was honoured with some months ago, and which may not improbably have escaped your memory. I had declared my persuasion of its being in my Brother's power to put Government in a way of making very considerable savings under that expensive head. I should scarce expect so little as 50 per cent. You were thereupon pleased to intimate a disposition to consult with him on the subject, upon Colonel Delancey's return from a tour on which he had then recently set out.

  • I have the honour to be,                 
  • Sir,                              
  • Your most obedient            
  • and humble Servant            
  • Jeremy Bentham             

  • Evan Nepean Esqr
  • etc. etc. etc.

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Editor’s Note
969. 1 P.R.O. H.O. 42/31, unnumbered fo. Autograph. Docketed: 'Queen Square 11 June 1794 / Mr Bentham / R. 12th.'
Editor’s Note
2 Philip Stanhope, 5th Earl of Chesterfield (1755–1815), godson and successor of the celebrated 4th earl; nominally ambassador to Spain, 1784–7, but did not go to Madrid; held minor offices in Pitt's administration, including that of joint postmaster-general, 1790.
Editor’s Note
3 Oliver De Lancey (1749–1822), colonel, 17th regiment, Light Dragoons; promoted to major-general, 1794; in 1790 he was deputy adjutant-general at the Horse Guards and in 1794 appointed barrack-master general. He was m.p. for Maidstone, 1796–1802.
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