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Jeremy Bentham

The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 5: January 1794 to December 1797

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Editor’s Notepg 40Editor’s Note971From the Duke of Dorset13 June 1794

Dorset House June 13th 1794

The Duke of Dorset presents his compliments to Mr Bentham and wishes to see him tomorrow morning at eleven o'clock. The bill which he interests himself about is to be considered tomorrow at one o'clock. The D. of Dorset thinks Lord Grenville2 had better be apprised of it, as the D. of D. thinks it probable that both Mr Pitt and Mr Dundas have consulted his Lordship upon it. The D. of D. believes that Lord Spencer has some objection to the Bill.3

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Editor’s Note
971. 1 B.L. V: 531–2. Docketed: '1794 June 13 / Panopt / D. of Dorset Whitehall / to / J.B. Q.S.P.'
Addressed: 'Jeremy Bentham Esqre'. Franked by impressed seal of the duke, almost intact.
Editor’s Note
2 William Wyndham Grenville, Baron Grenville (1759–1834), Foreign Secretary, 1791–1801. See Correspondence, iv, 230 n. 1.
Editor’s Note
3 The Panopticon Bill.
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