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The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 5: January 1794 to December 1797

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pg 51Editor’s Note984To Samuel Bentham1 August 1794 (Aet 46)

Q.S.P. 1 Aug. 1794

Sir John Sinclair2 sent me yesterday a note on the cover whereof was written Board of Agriculture desiring to see me today or tomorrow between 10 and 12. I went about 12 today: it was (as it turned out upon his cross examination) at the instigation of Lowndes from whose account of things he supposed that our establishment might be made useful to the public in the way of making agricultural machines. The post does not leave me time for details: the conclusion is, that he comes tomorrow at 11 to see the glories, and as he proposes to go to Scotland Wednesday or Thursday I told him if he would get fed on Tuesday I would hawl you back to town on that day, to help feed him. We were both of us a little in a hurry, and we agreed that he should tell me about that tomorrow. He seems really a pleasant man: infinitely more so than I expected, and infinitely more so than his picture speaks him.

When I reached Rose's3 door yesterday, I found it open with a man standing at it to make me an excuse saying that he had a sudden call in the country, but would let me know in the course of the day when he should be able to see me. On returning home I found he had sent a verbal Message (as I was told at his House) to Q.S.P. to the same effect: that day is over, this day almost over, but nothing from Mr Rose.

M[es?]sant4 left a card for you.

A letter from Street5 about price of Glass. The essential part illegible. I shall 〈write?〉 for explanation.

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Editor’s Note
984. 1 B.L. V: 554. Autograph. No docket. Addressed: 'To / Colonel Bentham / At / Andrew Lindegren's Esq / Portsmouth.'
Postmark: 'AU.1.94 A'.
Editor’s Note
2 Sir John Sinclair, 1st bart. (1754–1834), president of the Board of Agriculture. See Correspondence, iv, 296 and n. 2.
Editor’s Note
3 George Rose.
Editor’s Note
4 Name partly illegible.
Editor’s Note
5 Probably James Street, painter and glazier, 17 Bedford Court, Covent Garden.
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