Peter Swaab (ed.), Sara Coleridge: Collected Poems

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pg 32Editor’s NoteTo Elizabeth S.K. Poole

  •           One bright May-day we've spent together,
  •           One happy day of genial weather,
  •           Ourselves in Life's delightful Spring! –
  •           To celebrate with honour due
  •           Our meeting blithe, our warm adieu,
  •           I'd fain a vernal garland bring.
  •           But Fancy's favours are not mine,
  •           And all unused to deck her shrine
  •           To call upon her name I fear! –
  •           Her wreaths of more resplendent hue
  •           The partial Nymph reserves for you,
  •           For you, sweet Maid, her bright compeer!
  •           Oh! would she aid one ardent prayer
  •           Poured forth for you her favourite fair,
  •           Content I'd end this farewell lay –
  •           That still howe'er the seasons roll,
  •           Her airy dreams may glad your soul,
  •           There keeping up perpetual May!

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Editor’s Note
Page 32. 'To Elizabeth S. K. Poole' (RB, May 27 1823).
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