Sara Coleridge

Peter Swaab (ed.), Sara Coleridge: Collected Poems

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Editor’s NotePoems written for a book of Dialogues on the Doctrines of grace

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Editor’s Note
Pages 192–4. 'Poems written for a book of Dialogues on the Doctrines of grace' (RB, 1850–1). SC refers to a work titled 'Regeneration', on which she worked intensely in the last few years of her life, but only the 'Extracts from a New Treatise on Regeneration' in the 1848 sixth edition of Aids to Reflection (ii. 249–322) were ever published. She wrote in her diary for 19 May 1850 that 'I have been going on with the Reg[eneration] book but I fear I shall be obliged to give in – cannot accomplish it in time without my nerves giving way. This will be disappointment to me, as P[ickering] seemed willing to undertake it – almost pleased, I fancied, with it'. Nevertheless, she continued to work on it, and left about 500 pages of manuscript in various stages of completion, much of it almost ready for a publisher. Some of her drafts are dated as late as November 1851.
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