Peter Swaab (ed.), Sara Coleridge: Collected Poems

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pg 51Editor’s Note'Henry comes! No sweeter music'

  •           Henry comes! No sweeter music
  •                Ever strikes upon my ear
  •           Than his dear advancing footstep,
  •                Which I sit and long to hear!
  •           Henry comes! From toil returning,
  •                Sick of gloom and worldly strife,
  •           O! let peace and joy attend him
  •                In the presence of a wife!
  •           Hence then every bitter feeling!
  •                Hence each low and sordid care!
  •           Let my thoughts be pure and gentle
  •                Fit for him I love to share!
  •           Let my soul be fresh and bounding
  •                As the merry mountain brook,
  •           Cheering him with tons of gladness,
  •                Yielding to his earnest look!
  •           Like that clear transparent streamlet,
  •                All its liquid depths unclose,
  •           And like that a faithful mirror
  •                Which his soul, reflecting, shows!

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Editor’s Note
Page 51. 'Henry comes! No sweeter music' (RB, 1828).
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