Peter Swaab (ed.), Sara Coleridge: Collected Poems

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Editor’s Note'Those parched lips I'd rather press'

  • Those parched lips I'd rather press
  •      Than richest fruit, that brightly glowing
  • Hangs in tempting lusciousness,
  •      Where the genial gales are blowing!
  • I'd rather sit from hour to hour
  •      Lulling thy griefs and cares to rest,
  • Than lie in soft Arcadian bower
  •      By Zephyrs fanned, with roses drest!
  • I'd rather hold that hand in mine,
  •      And watch my Henry's languid eye,
  • Than like a ballroom beauty shine
  •      'Mid song and dance and revelry.

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Editor’s Note
Page 59. 'Those parched lips I'd rather press' (RB, 1829). This is the last of SC's poems transcribed by HNC into the Red Book. The next time he takes the book up is for nine pages of materials by and about STC, a month before the latter's death in July 1834. He makes notes of STC's conversation on 28 June and 5 July, transcribes his 'Letter to a Godchild' of 13 July (later included in the 1849 edition of Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit), records STC's death on 25 July, and makes notes towards the biographical records of his life.
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