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Charles Dickens

Madeline House and Graham Storey (eds), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 1: 1820–1839

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MS British Museum. Date: CD's visit to the Colosseum must have been to review the opening night (Mon 12 Oct); Catherine and Mrs Hogarth developed scarlet fever on a Sunday (see next, To Beard)—presumably the day before. Address: Miss Hogarth.

Furnivals Inn | Monday Morning.

My dearest Katie

It is very hard to preach consolation when one stands in no small need of it one's-self but let me entreat you (it will not require I hope much exertion to grant an entreaty from me) to keep up your spirits, and to remember that not only your own health and comfort depend upon your doing so, but mine too; indeed my dearest girl, your situation is almost an enviable one, compared with mine.

I send Fred with some black-currant jam which you will find an efficacious, and at the same time agreeable medicine for your throat. I have pg 76also desired him to take some chloride of Lime from town. The good it will do in purifying the Atmosphere of your room, will more than counterbalance your dislike to its smell.

When you can write, if it be only a word, pray do so—you cannot think how great a consolation it will be to me.

I shall be backwards and forwards to know how you are, until late to-night when I leave the Colosseum.1 Should you not be so well, I must see you, and will not be prevented.2

  • Believe me My dearest love
  •        Ever Yours truly & affecy.
  •                 Charles Dickens

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Editor’s Note
1 In Regent's Park; recently bought by John Braham and Frederick Yates. The programme included Ducrow in The Dream of Raphael, and two "novelty diversions"—"the courses of the Enchanted Chariot, and round flights of the Mechanical Peacock". The notice in the Morning Chronicle, 13 Oct, seems unmistakably CD's.
Editor’s Note
2 Each word underlined by short double strokes.
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